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Ganesh Utsav

Ganesh Chaturthi, in Hinduism, 10-day festival marking the birth of the elephant-headed deity Ganesha, the god of prosperity and wisdom. It begins on the fourth day (chaturthi) of the month of Bhadrapada (August–September), the sixth month of the Hindu calendar.At the start of the festival, idols of Ganesha are placed on raised platforms in homes or in elaborately decorated outdoor tents. 

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 Navratri Puja is dedicated to goddess Durga, who grants strong health, wealth and prosperity. People worship the nine forms of goddess Durga, who are symbol of skill, strength, prudence, kindness, and fame. It is relevant to participate in the Puja very sincerely and show complete focus and dedication.
It is considered to do the prayer on all the nine days and on the same time period. You should pray twice a day, once in the morning and another in the evening. 

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Dussehera Festival

Dussehra is consistantly known as Vijay dashmi, is one of India’s most celebrated festivals by Hindus noticed at the end of Navratri i.e. the Tenth day or Dashmi tithi. According to the Hindu calendar this day falls in the month of Ashwin, which as per the English calendar is the month of October. Continue Reading

Karva Chauth

The meaning of Karwa Chauth is offering Argya to the moon using an earthen pot known as Karwa on the Chaturthi of the Karthika month. It falls on the fourth day of the dark fortnight in the Kartika month every year. The origin of this festival is still very hazy but there are definitely some anecdotes associated with this festival. Some of the estimated stories are narrated below which shows the reason behind this celebration

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Karwachauth festival india


The most auspicious festivals of India, Diwali (or deepavali) is often known as the festival of lights. The festival derives its name from the row (avali) of clay lamps (deepa) that the devotees light in their houses in order to symbolize the inner light that drives away spiritual darkness. As per the Hindu calendar, it is celebrated on the 15th day of Kartik, which is the holiest month in the lunar calendar! 

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